Jill Griffiths – The Weller Institute

Jill Griffiths is the Director of The Weller Institute and a certified practitioner of complex decongestive physical therapy (CDP). She trained in the USA with French doctor and lymphology expert Dr Bruno Chikly and in Australia with renowned lymphologist Dr Judith Casley-Smith.

Jill went on to develop the training progams for the major schools of massage in Melbourne and New Zealand and has trained teachers and students in both countries for twelve years. She is a part time lecturer at Victoria University in Melbourne and one of Australia’s best known and most experienced practitioners.

Jill has managed a fulltime clinical practice for thirteen years, using manual techniques together with associated compression and exercise regimes, to achieve her treatment results. She treats patients in medical and sports medicine environments.

As well as regularly contributing to conferences and health magazines in Australia and New Zealand, she has completed a study to confirm the belief that manual lymphatic drainage therapy applied before and after surgical procedures will improve the patient recovery.