Drug Rehab in Roseville, California

It’s never too late to reach out for the help you need to begin living a sober, healthy lifestyle. With the help of the Weller Institute in Roseville, California, our substance abuse treatment facility, you can take the first steps toward a brighter future. In the process of choosing among drug rehab centers, it’s important to select a facility that will cater to your individual needs and offer a customized treatment plan. Seeking help from a drug rehab facility can offer a number of advantages over trying to go it on your own, including receiving the help you need to overcome your addiction in a caring and supportive environment.

Once you reach out for help from an addiction recovery center, you will typically begin the process of addiction recovery by going through an assessment process. Also sometimes known as intake, assessment is performed to help staff gain an understanding of the severity of your addiction as well as your individual needs. This process is critical to your long-term recovery and will assist staff in developing your treatment plan.

As part of the addiction recovery process, you will also need to go through detoxification. The staff in a drug detox clinic will monitor you throughout the detoxification process to ensure your safety and comfort.

Detoxification is followed by rehabilitation. The rehabilitation process may differ slightly for every client because everyone has different needs. In most cases, both individual and group counseling are provided to clients in an addiction recovery facility. As part of the counseling process, clients are encouraged to examine the thoughts and behavior that may have contributed to their addiction. During this process, you will also learn to identify triggers that not only led to your addiction but that could lead to relapse in the future. Part of your recovery in an addiction treatment center will also involve education, during which you will learn more about addiction, as well as how it effects your body, health, your overall life, and those around you. The staff in an addiction treatment facility will also work with you to help you develop healthy coping mechanisms that you can use once you leave the facility to avoid relapse.

Since about half of our clients also experience a co-occurring conditions in addition to their addiction, dual diagnosis mental health treatment is also provided in an addiction recovery center. If you have ever experienced conditions such as anxiety or depression that might have compounded your addiction, it is vital that these conditions be addressed in conjunction with your addiction to provide you with the best chance for long-term recovery.

Group counseling and therapy sessions will give you the opportunity to speak to other clients, who may have had similar experiences. During such sessions, you may gain valuable insight into your own behavior while coming to understand that you are not alone in your journey toward a sober lifestyle. Many times, clients form lasting relationships while in an addiction treatment facility that last even after they leave treatment. Learning to develop strong support networks is critical to your sustained recovery after you return home.

It is important to recognize that even after you leave an addiction recovery program, your journey toward maintaining sobriety is not over. For this reason, your program will offer a variety of aftercare services and treatments designed to assist you in staying clean and sober. These services may vary based on your individual needs. For instance, some clients are not able to immediately return home to a supportive environment. When that is the case, it may be necessary to first transition to a halfway house before returning home. Other clients may benefit from attending weekly support group meetings or checking in frequently with their counselor to discuss their ongoing progress.

Regardless of the severity of your addiction, it is never too late to get the help you need. Our addiction treatment center in Roseville, California can provide the help and support you need to finally break free from addiction.

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