At the Weller Institute, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible treatment for substance abuse possible. In order to provide this treatment, we emphasize a customized treatment program that is hand tailored for the needs of the individual. By performing an extensive intake interview and learning all about our clients, we are able to provide a treatment plan that identifies and targets issues exclusive to the individual. This personalized treatment proves to be far more effective than treatment plans designed to work equally well for all clients.

Your Experience at Weller Institute

Once you have entered our addiction recovery facility, you’ll take part in a variety of different addiction recovery treatment strategies. The exact nature of your treatment will vary based on your individual needs, but certain elements are common to almost all recovery plans at the Weller Institute, including our variety of therapeutic strategies.

At Weller Institute, we provide a spectrum of therapeutic opportunities. The most basic form we offer is individual therapy, which you will complete on a one-on-one basis with your counsellor. During these sessions, you’ll be asked many questions about your background and your history of addiction. We urge clients to be completed honest during these interviews, since they allow our staff to be well-informed as they craft a customized addiction recovery plan that will work best for you individual situation.

Why a customized addiction plan? Because a one-size-fits-all plan simply isn’t as effective. By ensuring a client’s addiction recovery treatment plan targets the particular areas that they need to improve, the efficacy of recovery can be increased exponentially. While your recovery plan may be different from the plans of others at Weller Institute, you can rest assured that all of the treatment strategies we utilize are proven to be effective and efficient.

Customized addiction treatment

Our caring and professional employees go above and beyond to provide the most insightful and advanced addiction treatment with the utmost compassion. The treatment that works best, is designed around you.

  • Supervised Detoxification.
  • One-on-one Therapy.
  • Motivational Group Meetings.
  • Preventive Aftercare Services.

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If you’re ready to overcome your addiction and begin the recovery process, Weller Institute can provide you with the tools you need. Contact one of our addiction specialists and we’ll get you the tools to defeat addiction.