Drug Rehab in Mount Laurel, New Jersey

The best reason to select the Weller Institute as your substance abuse treatment facility in Mount Laurel, New Jersey is to stop using addictive substances while remaining both safe and comfortable. Attempting to stop drug usage on one's own can lead to serious consequences, but having supervision ensures help is standing by to alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

Importance of Dual Diagnosis in Drug Rehab Centers

Also known as a co-occurring disorder, dual diagnosis recognizes that both substance abuse and behavior conditions exist and may be linked with one another. Sometimes, one of these conditions will worsen the other, which worsens the first one back, resulting in a vicious cycle.

At the Weller Institute in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, we know that provide a client with treatment for their co-occurring mental health disorder at the same time we are providing treatment for the addiction is the best way to get our clients the tools they need to reach their recovery goals. If only the addiction is treated, but the mental health disorder is left undisturbed, the client runs the risk of returning to addictive behavior.

When the client undergoes individual therapy at our drug rehab facility in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, the counsellor will generally look for certain factors, including a history of substance abuse and a client’s available resources and support system. The details gathered by the counsellor will then be used to create a personalized addiction recovery plan.

Addiction Treatment Center Safety and Care

Although it may seem obvious that safety is important in a quality drug detox clinic, there is much more to consider than mere safety. After all, clients who have been living life without regard for their own welfare must now rely on a safe center to get them back to sobriety and society.

Honesty in a Community Setting

Weller Institute, our addiction treatment facility in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, is often filled with clients with similar histories, which means advice is always just around the corner. Of course, some of the best advice that anybody can provide for a recovering client is simple: be honest.

Most clients will agree that it's impossible to really recover without being completely honest. Lying only continues to enable old behavior that led to the substance abuse in the first place while temporarily dodging the consequences. This can be a difficult step because lying comes naturally to someone who wants or needs to cover up wrongdoing, but allowing one to continue doing so will only make recovery difficult as it enables denial.

Living with a deep sense of denial does not lead to successful recovery. The same stresses of the world that once drove a client to drugs and alcohol will remain there, as will the temptation to turn to these substances to numb the realities of the world. The better way is to face the truth of the world and how one can survive in spite of it.

Individualized Treatment

Because addiction is a multi-faceted problem, there is no single treatment plan that will work for all clients. Instead of trying to do so, our quality addiction recovery center in Mount Laurel, New Jersey will provide personalized treatment for every client by relying on certain principles, including understanding how addiction affects the brain and making treatment accessible.

By working with our quality addiction recovery facility which provides adequate treatment, you will find addiction recovery comes by much more easily and authentically.


This refers to interventions after treatment, which usually means support after the client returns to everyday life. The client may continue counseling, undergo booster counseling, or engage in group therapy sessions.

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